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Sinoma Energy Conservation (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. held its inaugural meeting


Sinoma Energy Conservation (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. held its inaugural meeting

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2019/01/30 02:11
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On the afternoon of January 25, Sinoma Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China National Energy Conservation”) holding subsidiary Sinoma Energy Conservation (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Energy Saving Wuhan”) held an inaugural meeting. Zhang Qi, chairman of Sinoma Energy, Liu Xide, secretary of the party committee, Huang Jianfeng, vice president and secretary of the board of directors, and Jiao Erwei, chief financial officer, attended the inaugural meeting of energy saving Wuhan.
Liu Xide said in his speech that Energy Saving Wuhan shouldered the heavy responsibility of Sinoma Energy's strategic landing in the field of building new materials. As a new wall material platform for Sinoma energy conservation, it must be the leader in the development of the industry, the leader of technological innovation, and the owner of core competitiveness. Energy-saving Wuhan should formulate a strategy of “development, innovation, and going global”, quickly start the capital market, and quickly become stronger and better. In terms of institutional mechanisms, we must boldly try to mix the ownership model, boldly try the professional manager model, and boldly try to encourage the distribution mechanism of employees. To do a strong and strong calcium silicate board series of products, I hope that in the near future, as long as the mention of silicon calcium plate, is the brand of energy-saving Wuhan. After ten years of hard work, energy-saving Wuhan has to become a modern new material industry group with brand influence in the industry and become a respected big enterprise!
Yao Yuanjun, Chairman of Wuhan Building Materials Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wuhan Building Materials Institute”), on behalf of Wuhan Building Materials Institute, congratulated energy-saving Wuhan on its formal establishment. He hoped that energy-saving Wuhan would go abroad and return shareholders as soon as possible. Wuhan Building Materials Institute will go all out to support the coordinated development of energy-saving Wuhan in terms of talents, information and resources, and go hand in hand with energy-saving Wuhan to achieve development and win-win.
Zhang Qi pointed out that the official operation of the energy-saving Wuhan reorganization today is an important event in the history of Sinoma energy conservation. We started to discuss in depth and made up our mind to build a new base in Dangyang. Today, energy-saving Wuhan was established. Everyone is a witness to this historical event and a pioneer in the new building materials industry. The establishment of energy-saving Wuhan by Sinoma Energy is to become a new and strong new material industry. As a new material industry platform, we must actively implement the value concept of “innovation, performance, harmony and responsibility” and “use resources and service construction” as Fundamentally, in the principle of "Enterprise is a person, a company depends on people, a company is a person, a company loves people", the realization of corporate value and human value is an important goal and fundamental pursuit of enterprise development, in order to build Sinoma Energy Saving Company into a world-class company. The energy-saving integrated service company makes a greater contribution!
At the meeting, Zhou Shaozong, general manager of Energy Saving Wuhan, said that all employees of Energy Saving Wuhan will take the strategy of China National Building Material Group and Sinoma Energy Conservation as the guideline, adhering to the corporate tenet of Sinoma Energy's “concentrating energy, creating value, saving energy and reducing emissions, and benefiting mankind”. Carry forward the spirit of "inclusive, pragmatic, passionate and efficient" and make due contributions to the development of Sinoma's new energy-saving wall material industry.
Some leaders of Wuhan Building Materials Institute and Sinoma (Yichang) and all employees of Energy Saving Wuhan attended the inaugural meeting.
Sinoma Energy Conservation (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. held its inaugural meeting