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CNBM Received International Assistance from Afar!

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2020/03/01 14:52
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Mountains and rivers are bounded, but friendship is boundless! China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. received support and assistance from Argentina, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, the Philippines and other partners during the all-out fight against NCP. A total of 37,800 donated N95 and disposable medical masks have been received so far.

I. 20,000 Kilometers, Assistance from Argentina

After Molin Energy and Harz Energy, the owners of the Solar Power Plant Projects of Cordoba, Argentina of CTIEC, a subsidiary of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd., were aware of the shortage of masks in China, they sent all their employees to local pharmacies for medical masks. They finally purchased 5000 pieces of N95 masks and sent those masks to China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd.’s Shanghai office address in the fastest way.

The Solar Power Plant Projects of Cordoba, Argentina is the first EPC project of CTIEC in South America. In the past year, the project team impressed the owners by virtue of its efficiency, professionalism, hard-working, and sense of responsibility. They said they looked forward to establishing a long-term strategic partnership with CTIEC to lay a solid foundation for reserve projects over 500MW.

II. 10,000 Kilometers, Assistance from Portugal

WElink Energy Group, a long-term partner of CTIEC, made full use of its channel advantage as a multinational enterprise to contact suppliers in the face of a global shortage of medical protection materials. Through unremitting efforts, they purchased 8 boxes of disposable medical masks, totaling 20,000, and donated them to CTIEC. These masks were shipped from Portugal on February 12 and will arrive in Shanghai soon.

Representatives of WElink Energy Group cheer for China

CTIEC and WElink Energy Group have maintained a friendly cooperative relationship for more than 10 years. In overseas engineering projects, the project management teams of the two enterprises always cooperate with each other and push the work efficiently. On each project site, representatives of on-site employees from both sides worked together in difficult working conditions in a foreign country and developed a strong friendship. WElink Energy is willing to give its full support to its Chinese partner in the prevention and control of the outbreak, and work together to win the global fight against NCP.

——Mr. Breandan MacAmhlaoibh, representative of WElink Energy Group

III. 10,000 Kilometers, Assistance from Mexico

MT Group of Mexico, a long-term partner of CNBM International, a subsidiary of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd., offered to contribute to the outbreak in China. With mask supplies tight and prices soaring, they mobilized local resources to reach out to suppliers. Through unremitting efforts, they purchased 4 boxes of civil N95-3M masks, totaling 8,000, and donated them to CNBM International. These masks were shipped by DHL from Mexico on February 5 and arrived in Beijing on February 14.

Masks donated by MT Group of Mexico

IV. 7,000 Kilometers, Assistance from Germany

In order to alleviate the severe shortage of prevention and control materials in China, overseas friends of CTIEC CTF of Germany purchased 3,000 medical masks from major German pharmacies and donated them to China. These masks were sent by international express on February 3.

CTF of Germany packs masks

V. 2,800 Kilometers, Assistance from the Philippines

EM of the Philippines, a long-term customer of CNBM International, failed to purchase N95 medical masks in the Philippines and purchased 1,800 disposable medical masks and donated them to CNBM International. These masks were shipped by DHL on January 30, customs clearance was completed on February 12, and they were delivered to the Office of CNBM International on February 13.

These international partners and friends said that they would continue to support China and work together to win the fight against NCP. We are far away, but our friendship is near at hand! Thank you very much for your help!