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Practically strengthen political capacity building

Learning column
2019/04/30 15:45
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General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that political ability is the ability to grasp the direction, grasp the general trend, and grasp the overall situation. It is the ability to distinguish between political right and wrong, maintain political power, control political situation, and prevent political risks. This important exposition is not only a profound exposition of the connotation of political capabilities, but also a clear requirement for leading cadres at all levels. Improving political ability is a process of tempering. The basic premise is to achieve "two maintenance". The internal requirement is to enhance theoretical literacy. The key ability is to grasp the overall situation. The fundamental way is to strengthen political experience and test that the ruler is good at acting. Need to check the table, both internal and external.
Quenching in the practice of "two maintenance." Having a party and loyalty to the party is the primary political character of leading cadres and an important yardstick for measuring the political abilities of leading cadres. In Chinese characters, one center is "loyal" and the two centers are "dangerous." Loyalty to the party must be unique and pure. To firmly adhere to the "four consciousnesses", we must first establish a core awareness; to achieve "two maintenance," the key is to maintain the core. "Two maintenance" is concrete rather than abstract, and it is real rather than empty; it must not only be imprinted in the mind, but also in mind, and it must be implemented in action and embodied in effectiveness. For example, in these years, we continued to practice internships in the ecological civilization of Xiping, systematically researching the background, practical significance, realizing the path and deepening measures of “Green Water and Green Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan”, complementing shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, advantages, and construction mechanisms. The promotion of the "two mountains" concept has given birth to a strong vitality, which has effectively promoted the vivid practice of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought in Zhejiang. Last year, Zhejiang “Millions of Projects” was awarded the “Grand Guardian Award” by the United Nations Environment Program.
Practice in deepening theoretical study. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that political firmness stems from theoretical sobriety. As an important germination place of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, General Secretary Xi Jinping made a series of important speeches and important instructions during his work in Zhejiang. It is an important logical starting point for Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Adhere to the new knowledge, explore the "speaking politics with academics", profoundly understand the real logic, theoretical logic, and internal logic of mastering the formation of innovation results, and make the study and understanding of the internship in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the implementation of the internship of General Secretary Jinping to Zhejiang The spirit of important work instructions is closely integrated and unswervingly follows the path of the "eight-eighth strategy". Adhere to the constant learning and newness. Last year, the Zhejiang Provincial Committee carried out the "Great Learning, Great Research and Implementation" campaign, and the Wenzhou Municipal Committee launched the "Don't Forget the Heart, Keep in Mind Mission" learning time system, and insisted on the study of the topic before the Standing Committee's deliberation. The general secretary is concerned with important ideas and important expositions, and strives to improve the ability of the municipal party committee to direction, plan the overall situation, set policies, and promote reform. Adhering to the unity of knowing and doing, General Secretary Xi Jinping had visited Wenzhou 23 times during his work in Zhejiang, encouraging us to “write down the history of innovation in Wenzhou”. "Continuously writing this history of innovation" is the core political task of cadres at all levels in Wenzhou. We must renew the new advantages of reform and opening up with new commitments, create new high-quality development and glory, and continue to seize the important strategic opportunities. Write a good history of Wenzhou innovation in the new era.
Exercise in grasping the overall situation. General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that leading cadres should firmly establish the overall concept and overall awareness, and improve their ability to grasp the direction, grasp the general trend, and grasp the overall situation. Studying and implementing the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, local work must firmly strengthen the national "one chess game" consciousness, and consciously integrate the mission of shouldering into the national major strategy to ensure that the decision-making of the Party Central Committee is deployed in its own field of management and work place. The deduction was implemented. As the forerunner of China's reform and opening up and the birthplace of the private economy, Wenzhou last year was deeply aware of General Secretary Xi Jinping's concern for private enterprises and was approved to create the country's first new era of "two healthy" pioneering areas. Taking this as a new opportunity, we introduced a series of policies such as “Two Health” and Wenzhou’s “80 New Deal”, set up the Wenzhou Private Entrepreneur Festival, and played a high-quality development combination of private economy, which effectively promoted the “two health”. Discuss the first test in Wenzhou and take root. Recently, Wenzhou Private Economics College was established, and a platform such as “Pro-Qing Zhengshang Business School” was launched to promote the healthy development of the private economy and the healthy growth of private entrepreneurs. In the future, we must persist in putting political construction through the entire process of party-to-private economic work, promote the establishment of the first-class zone, and make new contributions to the development of the socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics in the new era.
Train in the test of risk. Political ability is tempered in the struggle. It is necessary to consciously accept the political life exercise within the party, but also to be brave enough to withstand the test of the wind and the waves, to better distinguish between politics and righteousness, to control the political situation, and to guard against political risks. In the past few years, Wenzhou has fully implemented the party's line, principles and policies, and has won several hard battles in strengthening grassroots infrastructure and comprehensive network management. Behind this, the key lies in strengthening the political leadership of the party. It lies in the fact that the majority of party members and cadres strengthen the spirit of struggle and enhance their ability to struggle. When they are "warriors" and improper "gentlemen", they dare to shine swords and be good at struggle at a crucial moment. For example, Wenzhou is the largest online market in Zhejiang with a penetration rate of 74% and a netizen activity. In these years, “7431” is the main content of “seven systems, four teams, three platforms, one organization”. The network governance model makes the network space "manageable and used well", from the past network sensation to the current network governance pioneer zone. This year, the Zhejiang Provincial Committee will conduct a special study on “strengthening and innovating grassroots governance and promoting grassroots governance modernization”. Wenzhou has taken the lead in launching the “Basic Foundation Improvement Year” and will further consolidate the party’s ruling foundation, improve social governance effectiveness, and prevent Resolve political risks and let the party's banner fly high at the grassroots level.
In the strengthening of the role as a temper. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the cadres should act as actor and do not sit down and talk about the buddies. When they are struggling to overcome difficulties, they are afraid of seeing the wind and the mud buddha, and they are growing up in the layer. Experience is accumulated in the layer experience. This requires us to put ourselves in, put in the responsibilities, put the work in, take the lead and shoulder the burden, and play the leading role of the "key minority". Compared with innovation, project, environment, and responsibility, it has set off a wave of "ideal liberation, great action, and great performance." In the face of new missions and new requirements, we will raise the spiritual realm and take responsibility in accordance with the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "I will be without me and live up to the people", adhere to the party's political construction as the guide, focus on high-quality development and competition. Enhance the strength and modernization, improve political ability in the difficult task, and show the role in the struggle.
[This article is a student of the provincial party class of the Central Party School (National School of Administration), deputy governor of Zhejiang Province, secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, and a speech at the Student Forum on the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Strengthening the Political Construction of the Party"