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Young cadres must achieve a brilliant life in their struggles


Young cadres must achieve a brilliant life in their struggles

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2019/04/30 15:45
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Carry out great struggles, build great projects, advance great undertakings, realize great dreams, act as young cadres to do things, and fight for hardships. Adhere to the correct political direction, achieve "the wind and rain do not move the mountain like mountains", vigorously carry forward the spirit of struggle, and strive to achieve a brilliant life in the historical process of realizing the "two hundred years" struggle goal and the Chinese nation's great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream.
Struggle is the source of happiness. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in the opening ceremony of the training course for young and middle-aged cadres of the Central Party School (National School of Administration) in the spring semester of 2019, that the actor who wants to do it, the hacker who does not sit down and talk, and the struggler who is difficult to overcome Don't be afraid to see the muddy Bodhisattva. This important requirement has set a code of conduct for young cadres to be self-cultivating and has pointed out the direction of their efforts. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the promotion of great struggles, great projects, great undertakings, and great dreams requires young cadres to struggle forever, to maintain their struggle, to vigorously promote the spirit of struggle, and to achieve "two hundred years." Struggle to achieve a brilliant life in the historical process of the goal of struggle and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation.
Leading the struggle with faith, being a loyal to the party and serving the motherland
Faith is the driving force behind the goal. General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly pointed out that the belief must be believed in a lifetime, otherwise there will be big problems. Only when young cadres have a firm belief can they adhere to the correct political direction and achieve "the wind and rain do not move as mountains."
Faith is built on the pursuit of lofty ideals. The key to the greatness of our party is that our party’s ideals pursue greatness and have a strong appeal to the truth. Deng Xiaoping said: "In the past, no matter how weak our party is, no matter what difficulties we encountered, we have always had strong fighting power because we have Marxism and communist conviction. With common ideals, we have iron discipline. No matter the past or the present. And in the future, this is our real advantage.” Young cadres must firmly establish the common ideal of communism and the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics from the beginning of their work, and firmly believe in the struggle to achieve communism and realize socialist modernization. Establish "four awareness", strengthen "four self-confidence", and achieve "two maintenance."
Faith is based on the true faith in scientific theory. Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics is Marxism in contemporary China, Marxism in the 21st century, and a beacon and life buoy guiding the healthy growth of young cadres. Young cadres should be willing to spend their energy on theoretical study, and take Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the top priority. They must persist in reading the original works, learning the original texts, enlightening the principles, reading strong words, and learning often. Go deep, go to the real, go to the heart, put yourself in, put the duties in, put the work in, do the study and use, the unity of the knowledge, the line of faith, and the foundation of the faith Ideological weapons, illuminate the road to struggle.
The belief is based on the feelings of patriotism. Patriotism is the national heart and national soul of the Chinese nation. Love for the country is the most sacred emotion and the highest religion. At the moment, the correct view of the country is to strengthen the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence, institutional self-confidence, and cultural self-confidence However, in the face of profound changes in the international and domestic situation, influenced by Western ideology and bad ideology and culture, individual young cadres are confused about the superiority of the socialist system and its development prospects. To solve this problem, young cadres should take the initiative to assume responsibility for the nationality of the country, take root in the people, and contribute to the country. As General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "standing on the vast land of 9.6 million square kilometers, sucking the long struggle of the Chinese nation Cultural nutrients, full of confidence and confidence to the future.
Struggling with the support of knowledge, to be a man of great value and broad thinking
Guangxue is the foundation for a person to stand tall, and deep thinking is the source of one's deepsight. Young cadres should establish the concept of being good at learning and be good at progress. They should take learning as their primary task, be eager to ask for knowledge, and deepen their foundation for growth.
Knowledgeable. When General Secretary Xi Jinping was young, he jumped in the queue at Liangjiahe. If he didn’t bring anything, he took a box of books to the countryside and looked at the thick bricks under the kerosene lamp. "Working in the daytime and reading in the evening" became the normal life of the general secretary of the educated youth, leaving behind the "30-year borrowing of books, 30-year-old book". Nowadays, young cadres have caught up with the good times, and they want to read all the books. The mobile phone reading is also anytime and anywhere. It is reasonable to cherish the great learning environment, paying attention to the depth of learning and the breadth of knowledge. While building a relatively stable knowledge structure, it is constantly absorbed. Fresh knowledge, all-round enhancement of the ruling ability.
Interrogate deliberation. In the age of informationization, new ideas and new ideas are more and more, and sometimes it is inevitable that there will be mixed fish and dragons. Young cadres must have their own independent understanding and judgment, not only to be the "memory" of knowledge, but also to be the "processor" of knowledge.
Knowing and doing. "It’s not as good as seeing it, it’s not as good as it is." Knowing is the beginning of the line, and the line is the knowledge. If you don't pay attention to applying the learned knowledge to your work and implement it in action, even if you "learn to be rich in five cars and be high-eight", you will not achieve the ultimate goal of learning. Young cadres must read thousands of books and walk thousands of miles to gain a deeper understanding of the feelings of the country and the country, and to practice the knowledge of the middle school, the truth, and the long-term skills.
Struggle with responsibility, be a down-to-earth, courageous person
The future of the country, the destiny of the nation, and the happiness of the people are the important tasks that contemporary Chinese youth must and must bear. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that cadres should engrave the party's initial heart and the party's mission in the heart. In this way, the struggle for life has a higher starting point for thought, and there is an inexhaustible spiritual drive. As young cadres in the new era, we must work from the following three aspects.
Have the ambition of "taking the world as your responsibility". "The big ones can be both small." The ideal of one's ideals can only be valuable if it is combined with the future of the country and the destiny of the nation. Only when it is in harmony with the needs of the society and the interests of the people can it make sense. It is necessary to correctly handle the relationship between "little self" and "big self", "have me" and "no me", the pursuit of "poetry and distantness", the ambition of "coming the world", and looking at the stars while being down to earth. Zoom in on the pattern in the ascendant, and do "can both think big problems and do small things."
There is a ambition to "make a new era of tides". The new era is destined to belong to the era of the strugglers, and is the era in which the Eight Immortals cross the sea and show their abilities. Young cadres should learn from the model of the times and the role models around them. They have the ambition and perseverance to do a career, go to the most needy place of the country, go to the most difficult and difficult place, go to the place where they can best play their role, and fully release Young cadres are rich in fighting spirit, challenge consciousness, and innovation factors.
There is a perseverance that "only its hardships know more bravery." The only secret to success is to stay the course. Young cadres can only take up the responsibility of the times if they persist in hard work, take responsibility, struggle, and strengthen their struggle courage, accumulate struggle experience, and improve their struggle skills in major struggles.
Struggling with self-cultivation, being a person who respects the good and the right
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the way of politics is self-cultivation. The first thing to do when people do things is Chongde Slim, which is the basic logic for talent growth. Young cadres in the new era must strengthen self-cultivation, self-discipline, self-transformation, and consciously practice the core values ​​of socialism, so that morality and morality, public morality, and morality.
In the repair of the right and wrong, the righteousness is cultivated. Master the key to establishing a correct world outlook on the values ​​of life, and then look at the social and economic history, all right and wrong, right and wrong, primary and secondary, all true and false, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, naturally the fire is clear and clear. Young cadres must learn to think and discern, distinguish between right and wrong, and see the nature and mainstream of the problem. Only in this way can we be self-sustaining, self-motivated, and full of integrity, in order to be able to do well and go right.
Cultivate the atmosphere in the cultivation of awe. In the world of life, you must always have a fearful heart, and you will have a cordon and a safety valve. The young cadres are full of enthusiasm and blood, and they often have a "new born calf not afraid of tigers". While staying hard and energetic, always maintain awe, fear nature, fear life, fear the truth, fear the law, fear justice, and remain sober and calm in awe.
In the cultivation of fame and fortune, it is calm. In the era of revolutionary wars, revolutionaries faced the test of life and death every day, and the issue of personal fame and fortune was simply ignored. In the new era, there are fewer tests of life and death, but the test of fame and fortune for young cadres is even more severe. No matter which position a young cadre is in, he must maintain a peace of mind, and be ignorant of the individual's gains and losses. Don't let the fame and fortune be overwhelmed by shoulders, and don't become a "exquisite self-interest" who is so sophisticated, good at acting, and knows how to behave.
Strive with health care and be a person with good health and sunshine
  "The body is the capital of revolution". General Secretary Xi Jinping once used his own experience as a county party secretary to warn young people not to stay up all night, to keep their minds and pay attention to their health. For young cadres, the most important thing to maintain health is to adhere to physical exercise, develop good habits and work habits, and strive to temper yourself in the following three aspects.
Develop a lifestyle that loves sports. Some people say that nowadays young people see more balls, less playing football; more makeup, less bodybuilding; more nutritious, less exercise. Some young cadres have long been overworked, leading to premature death. This is a question that deserves vigilance and concern. Being able to work healthily and energetically for decades, is a great contribution to the party and the country to society. It is very simple to stay healthy. It is to do more exercise, stay up late, and stay healthy and healthy while adhering to physical exercise and developing good work habits.
Develop positive and healthy tastes. High and healthy interest, not only can help people to advance and retreat, Mingde self-cultivation, but also cultivate the body and mind, increase intelligence and increase the thickness of life. It is necessary to correctly handle the relationship between study, work and entertainment, to cultivate sentiment in the healthy and uplifting entertainment, to enrich the self, to stay away from vulgarity, to pursue elegance, to enhance the ideological realm, the style of character, and to be a person who has escaped from the low-level taste.
Maintain an optimistic attitude towards the sun. Even if you are in a difficult situation, you still have to be high-spirited. On the contrary, people with low pessimism and negative attitudes are likely to lose themselves. Young cadres should take frustration as an experience and learn to be strong in setbacks. Tolerance as a habit, to learn tolerance, to be inclusive, to cultivate a broad mind, a broad chest, to achieve a large volume, can accommodate people. To be grateful as a virtue. Everything young cadres today, from the great motherland, unselfish parents, teachers who teach sorrows, stems from well-organized organizations and leaders, and stems from the support of colleagues and families, and should learn to be grateful, grateful, and repaying.
(The author is a member of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the Minister of the Organization Department)