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Knowing and doing, courageous

Learning column
2019/04/30 15:44
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Recently, I learned the book "Xi Jinping in Zhengding" and relived Comrade Xi Jinping's burning passion in the positive moments through the lines. More than 30 years ago, Comrade Xi Jinping came to Zhengding with a heart of reporting the country. In just over three years, he traveled to every village in the county to seek ideas, solve problems, listen to the people, do practical things, and make a positive glow. With new vitality, earth-shaking changes have taken place. I am deeply touched and encouraged by this love for the party, the love for the people, and the love for the cause.
Learn to be loyal to the party and the loyalty of the country, and to loyalty to the party. Comrade Xi Jinping voluntarily gave up the superior conditions in Beijing to Zhengding, determined to do some real things for the grassroots people, and spent more than three years in the Zhengding. In Zhengding, he once said, "I only want to live a comfortable life, it is a mediocre pursuit. I am ready to enter the "bitter sea." Exploring this mental journey and ideological trajectory is precisely the loyalty to the party's cause, allowing him to change his mind and move forward in a dream environment. We must learn from this firm belief in the promise of the party and the country, keep our "spiritual position" in the tide of the stormy times, start from ourselves, cultivate political power, refine political eyes, and abide by political rules. Consciously do politically understand people and honest people.
Learning the initial heart and not changing, affecting the masses for the people, and putting the people into the heart. It is not difficult to find out that the development thoughts of the people-centered development have already sprouted. In the early days of the reform, he resolutely chose to be positive, that is, to do practical things for the people and to work hard to change China's poverty and backwardness. After Zhengding, he tried to understand how the people lived, how the income of the people, from reducing the amount of food purchases to developing the commodity economy, and changing the old face of the "high-yield poor counties", so that the people got tangible benefits. The reason why the Zhengding people regard him as the county party secretary who never retires is because he has won the trust and love of the masses with tangible actions. The hope of the people, the direction of politics. We must always ask ourselves: Do you really have feelings with the masses? Do you always think about the masses? How can we make the people more satisfied? We must always be connected with the flesh and blood of the masses, what the masses need to do, the joy of the people, and the worries of the people.
Study the diligent and pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising role, take the lead in putting responsibility on the shoulders. However, it is difficult, Fang Xianyong Yi; but its tempering, began to Yucheng. At the beginning of the Zhengding work, in the face of various difficulties, Comrade Xi Jinping conducted in-depth investigations and studies, and humbly consulted the people, and quickly seized the main contradictions that were being faced at that time. He was the first to implement the “big bag” and proposed “semi-urban suburbs”. The "economic development ideas", vigorously develop the commodity economy and township enterprises, so that the Zhengding people embarked on the road of getting rid of poverty and getting rich. We must, like Mr. Xi Jinping, be willing to take risks and promote reforms. They should stand tall and down-to-earth. They should seize the key points and make overall plans, optimize the top-level design of county development with strategic thinking, and lead party members and cadres to strengthen their sense of responsibility and establish their responsibilities. Spirit, in the face of contradictions, dare to dare to control and dare to "hard bones", in the face of risk, to get up, to get up, to do real work, to make real moves, and strive to promote high-quality economic and social development.
[The author is a member of the Party Committee of the Central Party School (National School of Administration), and the secretary of the Guangyang District Committee of Langfang City, Hebei Province]