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Fiber Cement Board

The board is made by taking loose short fibers such as inorganic mineral fibers or cellulose fibers as reinforcing materials and siliceous-calcareous materials as main cementing materials, and forming calcium silicate cementing bodies through pulping, molding and autoclave curing. The autoclaved reaction of cement and siliceous materials in the raw materials has no longer formed a cement board in the traditional sense. It inherits the advantages of waterproof and anticorrosion of cement and overcomes the disadvantage of easy drying and shrinkage of common cement products. It is a new building material with excellent performance and wide application.
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Product introduction
Product Applications:
Fiber cement board
Brief Introduction:
Due to its excellent properties such as green, energy saving, environmental protection, light weight and high strength, it can be sprayed with environmental protection paint or decorative materials such as composite facing paper and aluminum plate on the surface to form a composite decorative plate, and thermal insulation materials such as composite rock wool on the back form an integrated thermal insulation and decoration plate, which is widely applied in decoration of interior and exterior wall in various fields of the construction industry.
Technical Parameters:
Standard size
L mm W   mm Thickness    mm
2440 / 3050 1220 4-30
We can also supply other specification as the client's specially requirement
Physical Properties
Item Low-density Medium-density Medium-high density High density
Density   g/cm3   0.75<D≤0.9 1.2<D≤1.4 1.4<D≤1.5 1.5<D≤1.6
Heat conductivity        W/ (m.k) ≤0.20 ≤0.25



Water absorption rate   % ≤28
Wet up rate   % ≤0.25
Incombustibility Grade A1 as per GB 8624
Impervious No water forms after being tested for 24 hours
Freezing test Pass
Flexural strength Mpa Dry ≥8 ≥11 ≥18 ≥21
Water saturated ≥6 ≥8 ≥14 ≥17
Content of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances 100% NO
Radioactivity Decoration materials Class A
Excellent Performance
Fiber cement board
Application Range
Fiber cement board
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