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Plank Fiber Cement Board

The high-strength fiber cement thick board refined by special technology has the texture of natural wood on the surface and is used for outdoor planks. It is the best substitute alternative product for anticorrosive wood and natural logs, and can save a large amount of wood.
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Product introduction
Plank Fiber Cement Board
Product Features:
● Green and environmental protection, saving a lot of wood.
● The surface is beautiful and smooth, with natural wood texture and rich colors 
● High strength, low shrinkage, wear resistance and long service life
● Termite-proof, moisture resistance and good weather resistance
● Stable dimension, simple construction and good fire prevention performance
Product Applications:
● Floor paving of villa yard
● Floor paving of corridor pavilions, parks and waterside platforms    
● Paving of seaside trestle bridge with high requirements for anticorrosion
Plank Fiber Cement Board
Technical Parameters:
Plank Fiber Cement Board
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