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Floor Board

The high-strength fiber cement board is thick (20-30mm) and has high strength and can be combined with steel structure to form a floor system. The surface can be decorated with ceramic tiles, wood floors, carpets and floor finishes.
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Product introduction
Floor Board
Product Features:
● High density and strength, with a maximum load of 3 tons per square meter 
● Lighter dead weight compared with ramped floor, reducing building load 
● Thin, generally choose 20-30 mm thick board to save space 
● Fireproof and waterproof, class A non-combustible new floor material 
● Simple and quick construction, low comprehensive cost and few construction waste generated
● Anticorrosion and corrosion prevention, with a service life of generally more than 50 years 
● Green and environment-friendly, completely excluding asbestos, benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and no toxic gas or radiation generated during use.
Product Applications: 
Hotel apartments, villas, steel office buildings, LOFT business space,  steel factory buildings on the second floor, etc.
Floor Board
Technical Parameters:
Standard size
L  mm W  mm Thickness mm
2440 1220 20-30
We can also supply other specification as the client's specially requirement
Physical properties
Item Parameters
Density  g/cm³ D≥1.4  
Water absorption rate  % ≤28  
Wet up rate   % ≤0.25  
Incombustibility Grade A1 as per GB 8624  
Impervious No water forms after being tested for 24 hours  
Freezing test No cracking or delaminating after 25 times of freeze-thaw cycles  
Flexural strength Mpa Dry ≥18  
Saturated ≥14  
Contents of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances 100% NO  
Corresponding parameter set not found, please add it in property template of background
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