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Ceiling Board

It is a series of suspended ceiling boards developed on the basis of fiber cement board. While it has the comprehensive performance of fiber cement board, the board surface has different decorative effects such as embossing, relief, sandblasting, perforation, semi-perforation, printing, rebating, etc.
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Product introduction
Product Features:
Lightweight, sound-absorbing, anti-sag, fire-proof, moisture-proof, dust-free, and rich decoration.
Product Applications: 
Grade 5A or Grade A office buildings, five-star hotels, entertainment venues, shopping malls, factories, offices, hospitals, theaters, stations, schools, airports, railway stations, etc.
Ceiling Board
Technical Parameters:
Standard size
L * W  mm Thickness mm
595×595, 603×603, 595×1195 4-12
We can also supply other specification as the client's specially requirement
Physical properties
Item Parameters
Density   g/cm3 0.8-1.3
Heat conductivity   W/ (m.k) ≤0.3
Moisture content  W % ≤12
Safety properties
Contents of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances 100% NO
Incombustibility Grade A1 as per GB 8624
Radioactivity Decorative materials Class A


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