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Colorful Fiber Cement Board

It’s a curtain wall board for building facade with high density, high strength, low water absorption and various colors, which can also be used as interior decorative board for public buildings.
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Product introduction
Colorful Fiber Cement Board
Product Features:
● Light weight, high strength, convenient construction
● Non-combustible materials, without releasing toxic gases during fire
● Green, environment-friendly and energy-saving
● Waterproof, moisture-proof and good weathering resistance
● Various colors for selection, uniform color in full body, and vivid expression.
Product Applications:
It can be widely applied to exterior wall decoration of various public buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and civil buildings. At the same time, it can also be applied to interior wall decoration, such as airports, subways, stations, stadiums, various commercial areas, etc.
Colorful Fiber Cement Board
Technical Parameters:
Colorful Fiber Cement Board
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