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Liu Zhijiang to Sinoma Yichang Research

Group dynamics
2018/06/29 21:25
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Liu Zhijiang to Sinoma Yichang Research
On June 26, Liu Zhijiang, vice chairman of the China National Building Material Group and deputy secretary of the party committee, went to Sinoma (Yichang) Energy Saving New Materials Co., Ltd. for research and guidance, and held talks with Wang Yinghua, deputy mayor of Yichang City. The two sides accelerated the Group and Yichang City to conduct in-depth exchanges on the development of green building materials, new materials, geological exploration and other industries.
Wang Yinghua welcomed Liu Zhijiang and his party and pointed out that Yichang's building materials industry has a solid foundation and broad market prospects. He hopes that the two sides will further strengthen cooperation, expand cooperation areas and achieve common development.
Liu Zhijiang expressed gratitude to the Yichang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government of Dangyang for giving support to China National Building Materials Group. He said that Yichang has a good location advantage, industrial base and investment environment. It is hoped that the two sides will strengthen interaction and exchange, accelerate the promotion of cooperation intentions, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.
Liu Zhijiang to Sinoma Yichang Research
During the investigation, Liu Zhijiang and his party went to the site of the Yichang production base in China, and listened to the report of the chairman of the Wuhan Institute and Chairman Yao Zhongjun of Sinoma Yichang on the development of enterprises, production and management, technological innovation, industrial extension, and party building work. 
Liu Zhijiang to Sinoma Yichang Research
After listening to the report, Liu Zhijiang fully affirmed the achievements of Wuhan Institute and Sinoma Yichang in recent years in reform and development, technological innovation, industrial positioning, market development and party building work. He pointed out that Wuhan Institute, as a professional building materials industry design and research institute, should closely focus on core technologies, core equipment and core products, accelerate the transformation of development ideas, and gradually expand its business scope from a single design to a design-led, general contracting project. And the comprehensive engineering company that manufactures equipment as a grasper; we must actively promote the implementation of industrialization of scientific research results, and accelerate the layout of domestic and international markets by leveraging the brand influence of the group. Sinoma Yichang should firmly develop the development ideas of high-end energy-saving and environmentally-friendly new materials industry, plan and accelerate development in terms of industrial positioning, product research and development, scale improvement, and intelligent manufacturing; take the initiative to assume the economic responsibility, political responsibility and social responsibility of enterprises. We will implement the green development concept and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of the Group. Finally, he stressed that all enterprises should follow the spirit of the 19th National Congress and always adhere to the two "one-stop" and do all the work in a down-to-earth manner; continue to strengthen the construction of the talent team around the production, management and reform of the enterprise, which is high for the enterprise. Quality development provides strong organizational assurance.
Ye Yongqing, deputy secretary of Dangyang Municipal Committee, Chen Bing, director of China Merchants Bureau of Yichang City, Li Xiaojun, member of the Standing Committee of Dangyang Municipal Committee, and deputy mayor of Dangyang Municipal Committee, He Liangping, deputy mayor of Dangyang Municipal Committee; Peng Jianxin, vice chairman of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd., Hubei General Team of Geological Prospecting Center The head of the team, Yan Shaotang, and the president of the Tianjin Academy, He Xiaolong, attended the relevant activities.
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