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Song Zhiping Attended Spanish High-level Visit

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2018/12/04 21:25
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Song Zhiping Attended Spanish High-level Visit
From November 27 to 28, 2018, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Spain. In order to further deepen bilateral economic and trade cooperation, the two governments held a number of matching diplomatic and business activities. Song Zhiping, Party Secretary and Chairman of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in many important activities.
On the 27th, in the conference hall of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Spain, 30 representatives of well-known entrepreneurs from both countries participated in the inaugural meeting of the China-Spain Entrepreneur Advisory Committee. Song Zhiping was invited to attend the conference and was elected as a council member. At the inaugural meeting, Song Zhiping gave a keynote speech on the status quo and prospects of the development of business in the west, introduced the achievements of the Group in the field of photovoltaic houses and photovoltaic power plants in Spain, and sought to deepen the level with Spain based on the platform of the Chinese and Western Enterprise Committee. The cooperation expressed its views. Song Zhiping’s speech was highly praised by the leaders and representatives.
On the afternoon of November 28, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez jointly met with representatives of the China-Spain Entrepreneurs Advisory Committee. Xi Jinping said that the China-Spain Entrepreneurs Advisory Committee is an important platform for deepening the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and a new cooperation model of "powerful combination and complementary advantages". He hoped that the China-Spain Entrepreneurs Advisory Committee would play a bridge and link role to promote the economic and enterprise exchanges between the two countries, and promote the cooperation between the enterprises of the two countries in developing the markets in the Middle East and Latin America. Xi Jinping showed thanks to the entrepreneurs of the two countries for their unremitting efforts for the development of Sino-Spain economic and trade cooperation. He believed that with the joint efforts of the entrepreneurs and business circles of the two countries, the mutually beneficial and win-win economic and trade cooperation between China and Spain in the new era will surely create a more brilliant future and bring more benefits to the two countries and their peoples. President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Sanchez also took photos with the representatives.
Song Zhiping Attended Spanish High-level Visit
During the visit, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Sanchez also witnessed the signing and exchange of letters for major cooperation projects. Song Zhiping exchanged the “Cooperation Agreement on Joint Development of Green PV Integrated Residential Projects” with the Chairman of the Spanish BHS Company. According to the agreement, the group's international engineering company will cooperate with Spanish BHS company to provide 5,000 sets of green and environmentally-friendly photovoltaic integrated housing for Hospileta. In the future, the two parties will further increase their R&D design and third parties on the basis of complementary advantages. Close cooperation in areas such as market cooperation.
In recent years, China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. has increased its development efforts in southern European markets such as Spain and Portugal, and has united with local enterprises to enter the South American market. China Building Materials Group mainly develops new housing, photovoltaic power generation and smart agriculture in the above markets, making positive contributions to the green development of the local economy.
Mr. Peng Shou, President of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd., Chairman of Kaisheng Technology, and relevant responsible comrades of the International Cooperation Department of the Group participated in the related activities.